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A Word From The Dean 

Dear Friend, 

Thank you for your interest in Catholic Theological Union. 
The mission of our graduate school of theology and ministry 
is the academic and pastoral formation of students preparing 
for priesthood and a variety of ministries worldwide. We also 
provide continuing education for lay people, religious, and clergy. 

This supplement to the 2001-03 catalog is an update that lists 
new courses, personnel changes, and the 2003-04 academic 

For more detailed information about Catholic Theological 
Union, please visit our website or contact our Admissions 
Office at 773.753.5316 or 

Gary Riebe Estrella, S.V.D. 
Vice President and Academic Dean 


Avis Clendenen 

Professor of Pastoral Theology 

Director of the Master of Arts In Pastoral Studies 


M.Div., Jesuit School of Theology 

D.Min., Ph.D., Chicago Theological Seminary 

As a pastoral theologian, Avis Clendenen is particularly 
interested in the art forms of theological reflection and 
the practice of pastoral care and ministerial leadership 
that is theoretically sound, authentically healing, and 
sensitive to the importance of multi-cultural contexts 
in contemporary life. Her teaching and writing explore 
the relationship of human maturation to spiritual growth, 
the correlation of experience to the wisdom of religious 
traditions, and the role of theology as a resource for 
pastoral action. 

Catholic Theological Union 




C 401 Introduction to Islam 

An introduction to the salient features of Islam — the faith tradition of nearly one-fifth of humanity. 
Topics include: the life of Muhammad(s.); Qur'an and hadith; the 5 pillars; Islamic law and theology; 
sectarianism; mystical Islam; and contemporary Muslim renewal and reform movements. 

C 403 Introduction to Early Eastern Christianity 

Since its beginning, Christianity developed in an ethnically and culturally diverse world. This course 
introduces participants to the different churches, schools of theological thought, and the works 
of some main theologians in the early Christian East. 

C 406 The Church in Asia Today 

Using Ecclesia in Asia and the FABC Statements as basic texts, the ecclesial situation in Asia 
and its mission are presented in broad strokes. The course articulates the fundamental problems 
and how the churches are coping with them while keeping their basic call to witness to the Gospel. 

C 425S Hope from the Margins 

The poor and marginalized evangelize us and become a source of hope for the Church and the 
world. Building on various theological sources from the "margins," this course offers reflections 
on Christian hope and examines theological methods for discerning hope in history. 

C 422 The Qur'an: Community and the Living Word 

If, for Catholic Christians, the eucharist is the "source and summit" of life, the same can be said 
of the Qur'an for Muslims. Topics: the role of the text in Muslim piety; Biblical-Quranic intertextuality; 
the rich tradition of Quranic commentary; and the Qur'an as oral/aural scripture. 

CH 422 The History of Muslim-Christian Relations 

The history of Muslim-Christian relations involves a complex interplay of socio-religious factors 
in a variety of distinct historical contexts. The course investigates the dynamics of this interplay 
in an attempt to lay a foundation for the future of Muslim-Christian dialogue. 

CH 428 Earliest Christian Traditions in Asia 

Study the development of the earliest Christian traditions in Asia. Beginning with the Thomas 
tradition, it extends to the year 1368 A.D. Discuss this in context of the development of other 
traditional along the Silk Routes such as Buddhism, Manichaeism, Islam, and Judaism. 

A Graduate School of Theology and Ministry 

Course Offerings 

C 467 Pastoral Praxis and Theology in Context: Chiapas, a Case Study 

This course examines the pastoral process of the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, 
Mexico, which began with Bishop Samuel Ruiz in 1960, and discusses the challenges to theology, 
ecclesiology, and missiology emerging from this new pastoral vision and praxis. 

C 479 Foundations for Mission: Theory and Praxis 

Mission in the 21st century will, of necessity, be action in "bold humility." Guided by theologians from 
a variety of geographical and cultural contexts, this course helps participants reflect theologically 
and pastorally on the contemporary issues of the church's role in the mission Dei. 

CE 480 Mission and Social Peacemaking 

Systemic violence (social, cultural, economic, political and ecological) is globally widespread. 
This course examines various methods of theological reflection on and pastoral praxis of social 
peacemaking drawing on Catholic social teaching, theological works, and some contextual pastoral 

C 501 Religious Pluralism and Christian Witness 

In a pluralistic continent like Asia, Christian witness has to be through an encounter with the 
religious traditions of Asia in the spirit of complementarity and harmony (EA6) allowing space 
for other traditions while the gospel becomes an agent of transformation of the society. 

CS 505 Islamic Mysticism and Spirituality 

An exploration of the Muslim traditions of piety and spiritual purification known as "Sufism." Among 
the topics covered are: early Muslim asceticism; love mysticism; sober and ecstatic experience; 
the stages and states of the spiritual journey; Sufi prayer and praxis; and classical Sufi poetry. 

C 521 Islamic "Fundamentalism" 

This course focuses on contemporary Islamic renewal and reform movements, putting them 
into perspective as a variety of different and creative politico-religious responses to the effects 
of centuries of colonialism, and a subsequent period of rapid modernization, on a number 
of Muslim societies. 

CD 630 Inculturation: Theory and Methods 

Designed for advanced students preparing for thesis or dissertation writing, this course explores 
theoretical and practical implications of inculturation, using the methodology of the Social Sciences. 
It is a requirement for D.Min. students with the concentration in Cross Cultural Ministries, but is open 
to other students by permission of the instructor. 



S 502 Spirituality for a New Millennium 

Delineates the main lines of a spirituality which holds promise for the future as it emerges from 
the stories and the writings of the leading mediating figures of our time. 

Catholic Theological Union 

Course Offerings 

Pastoral Care Studies 

MP 400 Faith Development 

Is there an architecture of faith, a framework, or a map offering the pilgrim on the journey of faith 
a trustworthy and universal pattern of fulfillment? Relying on the insights of human developmental 
theories, the faith development theory of James Fowler and its critique from multiple cultural 
perspective, explore the intersections of psycho-social maturity and spiritual growth. 

MP 401 Theology and Ministry 

An overview of various theological perspectives on the evolution of Christian ministry from the Bible 
through the imaginative possibility of Vatican III, explore issues of diversity and divisiveness 
articulated through the late Cardinal Bemardin's Common Ground Initiative as a basis for considering 
a vision for ministry in a 21 st century worldchurch. 

MP 402 Collaborative Skills for Administration in Ministry 

The six workshops that constitute this course teach students how to be good stewards of the 
resources that come with ministry such as people, property, and money. The workshops are on 
leadership styles, workplace relationships, personnel issues, budgets and financial management, 
public relations and marketing, and stewardship and fund raising. To earn credit, all six workshops 
must be taken. 

MP 411 Pastoral Care with Children and Adolescents 

Explore pastoral care strategies with children and adolescents, describe paths of typical 
psycho/spiritual development, and discuss paths that compromise healthy growth including 
addictions, poverty; illnesses, grief and loss; domestic violence; sexual abuse; divorce; adoption; 
state custody; legal implications. 

MP 500 Pastoral Care in Religiously Diverse Settings 

This seminar begins with offering an understanding of selected major non-Christian religious 
traditions. The pastoral implications for ministry within interreligious contexts of parish, hospital, 
school and one's locale are explored with invited individuals from non-Christian religious traditions. 

MPS 545 Human Development and Pastoral Care 

Explore various biological, psycho-spiritual-cultural perspectives of human development throughout 
the lifecycle in a seminar format. Implications for the professional/ordained minister's understanding 
of self and parishioner/families evolving selves are discussed. 

MP 550 Wisdom: Integrating Theory and Technique in Pastoral Care 

How does one's ministry move beyond theory and technique to an integration of knowledge and 
experience? Using both Scriptural, theological and non-theological sources, this seminar examines 
"wisdom" as both a process and desired outcome of pastoral care in a post-modern era. 


W 403 Christian Initiation of Infants and Children: Issues and Practice 

Examine the catechetical, liturgical, pastoral and theological questions concerning the initiation 
of infants and children. Consider these questions within the context of the pattern of adult initiation 
and contemporary cultural studies on the formation of the young. The course may fulfill the initiation 
requirement. W350 is a prerequisite. 

A Graduate School of Theology and Ministry 




Donald Senior, C.P. 

Vice President and Academic Dean 

Gary Riebe-Estrella, S.V.D. 

Vice President of Administration and Finance 

Michael Marback 


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Edward Foley, Capuchin, Director 773.753.5325 

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Peter Xu, Assistant, Educational Technology 773.753.2569 

Emmaus Program 

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Institute of Religious Formation 

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Francis Landry, C.P., Associate Director 773.753.2560 

A Graduate School of Theology and Ministry 


International Students 

Michel Andraos, Program Coordinator 773.256.4259 

M.A. Program 

Stephen Bevans, S.V.D., Director 773.753.5352 

M.A.P.S. Program 

Avis Clendenen, Director 773.753.5317 

M.Div. Program 

Dawn Nothwehr, O.S.F., Director 773.753.5314 


Dan Ryan, Director 773.753.5301 

Marketing & Communications 

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Catholic Theological Union 


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